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Cultural Change Programs

Transform Action provides innovative solutions that allow us to respond simultaneously to four key challenges for corporate sustainability in the XXI Century:

1. Cultural Transformation: How to align our management culture and our competitive strategy, to install differential comparative advantages?

2. Leadership: How to renew leadership values ​​of our executives and managers, to create teams willing to innovate, add value and make a difference?

3. Engagement: How to strengthen individual involvement, enthusiasm and commitment of our staff, employees to create fans?

4. Performance: How drive continuous improvement of individual and collective results, to consolidate sustainable superior performance and create customers apostles?

► The courses and activities are designed to suit each organization, focus on improving key performance indicators and to calculate the return on the investments made by the company.

► Forman and certified in Spain, in the knowledge and use of the Cultural Transformation Tools CTT, Richard Barrett Values ​​Centre.

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