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About Me

My professional purpose is

To be a leader in the field of supporting the development of organizations, teams and managers who want to achieve their business goals & objectives. Particularly, I´m interested in any function, process, project or action plan aiming to unleash the “power of human factor” (ie : facilitate the process of strategic thinking in VUCA situations, improve the team performance, instigate and fan collective learning, facilitate the culture transformation and change programs and define collaborative ways to make the most of existing talent.).

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Key skills

o Thorough understanding of complex business situations and structures allowing me to support and work towards sustainable growth avenues.

o Outward/inward perspective in the systemic view of teams and organizations, empathetic, customer centric.

o Define operational road maps to make the strategy succeed by aligning day to day business with strategic roads of evolution.

o Design of “turnaround” program & culture change action plans.

o Executive mentor coach, team development facilitator.

o Creative in business modelling and problem solving processes (business & people).

o Transformational leadership, influential and inspirational.

o Able to execute projects efficiently in decentralized and multicenter scenarios.

o Flexible and highly adaptable to change.

What I´m looking for is

o A medium/long term project in a leading company whose goals align with my own.

o To be part of a multicultural team.

o A management position to inspire and influence teams and/ or managers; combining human and business development (what I call the “ZIP effect”).

o A project combining a strategic view with an operational one.

o To continue with my own personal development.


  • Graduate, Faculty of Chemistry: Chemistry – Quantum Physics.

1981 – 1986. Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  • MBA, Master’s in Business Administration

1986 – 1989. ESADE Business School

  • Master’s in Organization Development and Process Consultant

2011 – 2012. Faculty; Itamar Rogovsky GR Institute Tel Aviv. AEDIPE Barcelona

  • PDD, Management Development Program

1995 – 1996 IESE Business School – University of Navarra

  • Cultural Transformation Tools

2010 – 2011, Barrett Values CenterTransform Action

  • Co-Active Coaching curriculum

2008 Coaching Training Institute

  • Organization & Relationship System Coaching

2009 Center of Right Relationships



o Native languages : Spanish, Catalan.

o Learnt languages : French, English.

My experience

September 2015 – Present

At BaseCamp World, we believe that any business situation must be addressed by combining three fundamental perspectives: strategic thinking, innovation, personal development.

My role as general manager of this small company (less than 10 people), is to execute the strategy to reach our business objectives, to create partnerships with our customers and to lead the teams who deliver the services.

  • Associate Consultant at D&A Business Initiatives

January 2014 – December 2016

D&A Business Initiatives was born with the purpose of facilitating, promoting and leading the digital transformation for other organizations. It combined the use of tools and methodologies of organization management and personal development.

My responsibility was to help the company achieve its objectives by taking instructions and leading the design and facilitation of the projects).

  • Associate Facilitator at Transform Action

February 2010 – December 2016

Transform Action, delivers Cultural Transformation Tools, courses and facilitates cultural exchange projects within leading companies either in Europe or Latam (Repsol, Grupo Mundial, Novaventa, Yanbal, etc.).

I collaborated as a consultant with TA to expand its business in Spain and Colombia, and as facilitator of cultural exchange programs by using the Cultural Transformation Tools of Barret Values Centre.

  • Freelance: Organizational Development Facilitator, Business Advisor and Executive Mentor Coach

June 2008 – Present

I have worked as a freelance consultant & advisor for organization development projects and facilitator of change & transformational programs in a wide range of sectors and companies (Nestle, Nespresso, Telefonica, Crydom, Yanbal, Esindus and others). I also delivered executive mentoring & coaching sessions.

January 2007 – June 2008

I led the protection of customer and company IP assets against counterfeiting and unsafe products. I facilitated the Schneider worldwide community of local IP addresses. I was also responsible for supporting the local law enforcements actions & raids.

  • Business Development Manager at International and Iberian Operating Division at Schneider Electric – based in Paris

February 2006 – December 2006

I was focused on some specific short term objectives:

o Giving support to the national general manager to improve the commercial efficiency of their people through designing and delivering “ad-hoc” training programs.

o Collaborating on the creation of a new worldwide expert oil & gas community. I was the project leader of the launching event in Dubai which received the visit of 900 customers of 45 countries, during 5 days, mobilizing 160 people worldwide to produce it.

o I was member of the teaching staff of the Schneider University for Business Development.

o I was member of the Acquisition project of Delixy company in China.

  • Business Development Director for African Zone at Schneider – based in Paris

April 2004 – January 2006

As a member of the Africa Executive Committee team, I was involved in supporting the business development of African countries. Together with the VP of Africa Zone, we supported national managers and their staff to create the best action plans to achieve their strategic goals and their yearly operational objectives of market share, sales and EBIT.

  • Vice President of Transformation project “New2004” at Schneider Headquarters

July 2002 – March 2004

The group launched a company transformational program named “New 2004” as a way to foster growth and the efficiency through all levels of the organization. It was key to facilitate this filtering between levels and helping countries & business units to execute it. An important goal was to make the core values of the group visible to all the business entities.

I was responsible for the implementation of New2004 by working closely with the senior vice presidents of the company and their managing staff to integrate the goals and the objectives of the program in their local business plans. I reported to ExCom, taking corrective actions when needed.

  • Secretary of Executive Committee at Schneider Headquarters

June 2002 – March 2004

As secretary of ExCom, I was responsible for the organization of the monthly Excom meetings (agenda structure, content definition and follow up of to do list actions). I was the project leader of the seminars, workshops and the events with the senior managers community of the company (“top 100”, “top 500”) in close collaboration with the HR VP of the group and the president and CEO. These meetings were helpful to catalyze the collective intelligence of the group, to foster the exchange of experiences and best practices and to enhance the group identity by recognizing the diversity of people.

  • Strategic Marketing Director at Schneider Electric Spain & Portugal

February 2000 – May 2002

I led the definition of the strategic plan. I was the contact within Spain with corporate functions and central business units to roll out their actions plans.

  • Marketing Manager of Low Voltage Division at Schneider Electric Spain

February 1997 – January 2000

I was responsible for the definition and execution of actions plans focused on developing sales channels. I was a member of the project team that launched the customer relationship management system which increased the business intelligence in the field marketing actions.

  • Commercial Manager of Audio-Video Division at Grundig Spain

April 1995 – January 1997

I was leading the commercial program to introduce the new Hifi stand alone range of products and increase the market share in the Audio-Video market.

  • Marketing Manager Electronic Division at Flamagas

October 1989 – March 1995

I was responsible for the commercial action plans of the electronic division (definition of product offer, route to market marketing and sales actions) to achieve the objectives of turnover and margin.

  • Product Manager of Reagents Division at SYVA Diagnostics

May 1988 – October 1989

  • Offer Project Manager of Evax and Dodot Toiletries at Arbora & Ausonia

June 1986 – May 1988